About Scooble

Scooble.com is the #1 Online Pet Resource and Service locator. We are the only pet-related site designed to support pet owners, independently-owned pet businesses, manufacturers and local communities throughout Southern California and surrounding areas.

Scooble.com is a subsidiary of Newco Distributors Inc., an independently-owned and operated pet food and supplies distributor. Newco has been providing the best pet food, products, and services to independently-owned pet businesses throughout Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona for over 40 years.

Scooble's mission is to help pet owners find the best pet stores, fish shops, and feed stores in their area. Our name comes from the combination of two terms, "Scoop" and "Kibble".

Scooble passionately supports Independent Pet Services. Our belief is the Mom and Pop shops are the true experts when it comes to the health and wellness of your pet.

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